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For what it is worth ...
The following is some of my writing ... enjoy.
Who knows maybe one day I'll be a famous author.
Try not to laugh to hard.

(?) Perfect Match (?)
__ An Old Joke for a Friend

Roach Calls
__ A True Story.

Whatever Happened ...
__ My attempt at poetry.

Love and The Net
__ Another attempt at poetry.

New Years Wish.
__ My newyears wish to you.

The Wish.
__ A short story, and a simple wish.

Thoughts Of Life And Death. -
__ A Short Story/Poem/Article/Something?
__ A bit strange. It is something I wrote
__ when I was a bit closer to my
__ wits end than I care to admit.

Tomorrow was Yesterday. -
__ The first part of a book I am trying to write.
__ enjoy & let me know what you think.

The Traveler. -
__ A short Fictional Narrative (or is it?).
__ It means different things to different people.

You say there is no Creator? -
__ A short writing asking is there a creator?

With Love ... As Always -
__ Just ideas and questions that
__ are probably best left unknown.

If we want to see the rainbows -
__ Another one of my short poems.

The Princess and The Simple Townsman -
__ A short story of love lost.

Writing Friends -
__ A short a short poem about writing friends.

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