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Another Idea for help with writing.

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"If you would only proof read your work rather than just putting something on the paper and turning it in." ... I must have heard that statement, or a variation of it, a few million times when I was in school.

Unfortunately, as long as the text is fresh on my mind, I will continue to see what I intended to write and not necessarily what I actually wrote. For example words or phrases may be in the wrong order, missing or even duplicated yet I will see everything the way I intended it to be, regardless of how many times I reread the paper.

It takes very little imagination to understand that this is a very frustrating area. For how does one make corrections to something that appears to be correct?

Though frustrating to both the dyslexic and the people receiving the text, it is very tempting to simply ignore the problem and blame it on carelessness or being to hasty. It is also an area that MUST be over come as much as possible. For in this world where much of our communication is written, if one can not over come the problem ... bluntly put ... we have very little hope of making a better life for ourselves.

Fortunately technology has come a long way since the days when I was in school especially in the area of text to speech software.

When I am writing I tend to do the following things ... Type my document ... spell check it ... Then have a text to voice package read the work to me. This allows me to "see/hear" what I REALLY wrote vs. what I THOUGHT I wrote. Doing this does seem to help train the mind to work a little differently so that the person can see what they are really writing. (unfortunately this is a very slow process ... thus sometimes it is simply not practical to go through all the steps).

Up to this point we have been talking about writing ability. I know for me even today reading is a very difficult area but with practice it has become easier. Note I did say easier ... NOT easy ... for it is still very difficult and if not given a LOT of time I misinterpret many things.

I bring up reading ability because many of the text to speech software packages can also be use to read most any book that is stored on the computer or the net. As one follows along with the speech software, it helps train the mind to focus on each word in the proper order. Thus, also helping to a lesser degree the dyslexic's reading ability. Plus, opens the opportunity for us to 'read' books that would otherwise be left unknown to us.

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