I can understand why so many
want nothing to do with God.

May 02, 2015
By Timothy Roach

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I can easily understand why so many people want nothing to do with Christianity; especially if the person's first experiences were anything like some of the experiences I have had with alleged christians.

I have been trying to think of just one really good example of false christians that I have experienced. And have been pondering experiences from early childhood to recent experiences.

When I was young, if some "Christians" were coming to visit our house the semi-joke was that we needed to hide the silverware, wallets, pocket books and the valuables. I say semi-joke because my family did tend to only allow them in rooms, which did not have anything of value.

Then there are the two faced Christians, smiling in a person's face pretending to be the best friend ever and then 'trashing' the person behind their back.

And let us not forget the holier than thou christians, that when no one 'important' is watching are getting drunk, doing drugs, lying, stealing, having physical relationships with anyone they can, so on and so forth.

Of course there are the dishonest pastors.

The groups that say we should follow and do what we are told without questioning their authority (actually wanting its congregation to sign contracts and loyalty oaths) even though what they are saying and/or doing completely contradicts what The Bible says.

There are the church leaders that are more interested in money than souls. The kind that will always ask for donations/money but amazingly never invite a person to come to their church. Nor raise a finger to help some one in need.

Then alleged Christians that do not know even the most fundamental basics of the Christian faith, but are fanatics about wanting to convert everyone else to Christianity. For instance not knowing why we remember Easter. (The day we remember Our Lord's resurrection.) The day The One True Living God's only begotten Son, proved that He had been given authority over most everything, by The Father . . . even death.

However, I think there is one event that would have turned me totally against all Christians had I not already known what a true Christian is and also fully understood that the Devil's minions often masquerade as servants of the lord with the devil himself pretending to be an angel of light, often for the primary purpose of turning people away from God.

It was several years ago, I was taking my daughter and her cousin to get food at one of their favorite childhood restaurants. At the time my daughter and her cousin were both preschool (3-4 years old). Since the restaurant was near by, we were walking to it. They were both bouncing, running and skipping the way kids do. Having a good time in general. When suddenly, for no obvious reason, the cousin drops on the grass beside the sidewalk, doubled over squalling, crying and looking like she was hurting and scared. My daughter and I were both beside the cousin trying to get her to tell us what happened, what was hurting, what was wrong.

At this point EVERYTHING was running through my mind that could possibly be wrong, from she had twisted/broken something, an appendicitis attack, to something as simple as she tripped and her dress is now dirty or ripped.

Just a few moments later (less than 10 seconds) while I was still trying to get her to tell me what was wrong, a person's shadow moved over us and stopped, obviously watching us.

Remember, I have one little girl on the ground crying and another one starting to tear up because she is worried about her cousin. I look up at the person, who was carrying a bible dressed in the normal garb one would expect an evangelist to be wearing. As I looked up at him, does he ask "what happened?", "may I help, you?" or even "may I pray for all of you?"

No, not one a bit of that. Not even a hint of anything offering assistance. Nor did the person even indicate the least bit of concern about the little girl that was on the ground crying.

What does the person do?

He holds out an envelope and asks, "Would you like to make a donation to our church group?"

Now at that point I have to admit several very non-Christian, but very appropriate, thoughts ran through my head.

Had I not been more worried about what happened to the little one than the 'son of a demon' it is hard telling what all I would have said to him. But as it was, I basically just told the 'son of a demon', to be out of my sight before I looked up again, then went back to dealing with the little one.

Amazingly, I actually called him a 'son of a demon' rather than any of the large number of terms and phrases that were going though my head as possible choices of what to call, categorize and classify a person that would claim to be christian yet be more concerned about trying to get a donation for their church than a small child laying on the ground crying.

Use your imagination multiply it by 10 and you are probably getting close to what I was thinking and the amount of "steam coming out of my ears".

As for the little one, the problem turned out to be just a sudden tummy/intestine cramp, which hurt very bad for a few moments and scared her. Let us just say, after she calmed down it stopped hurting. And once we reached the restaurant, a visit to the restroom solved the rest of the problem(s).

So what is the point to all of this, you ask?

If these and many other examples given by false christians were my only reference to Christianity. If these people were the only examples of how Our Lord expects people that follow him and to live their lives, I would probably also think that Christianity, as a whole, is nothing more than a lying, thieving, money grubbing, dishonest cult designed to manipulate the feeble minded.

Had I not been exposed to real Christians, I would not know that the devil and his minions often masquerade as servants of The Lord and angels of light, manipulating, twisting and perverting the teachings of Our Lord. Leading people down a path, which the people believe is the way if Our Lord, but in truth, will lead to their doom. (also discussed in - 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 and Proverbs: 14:12)

Without much imagination, I can easily understand why so many want nothing to do with anything related to God or Jesus for everything they have seen, has shown that the christian faith to blatantly be a false religion. And yes SEEN is the keyword for the ACTIONS, of the alleged christians speak far louder than anything spoken or written words.

It is easy to understand why so many turn away from God. If they go by what they have see it would be easy to think that being a christian requires total submission, blind faith, a total lack of common sense and requires one never to be challenging lies and deceptions. All because they do not realize that The Bible teaches Christians to question and challenge what we are told to be sure it is true. (Be it religion or the world around us.)

Proverbs: 14:15:
The simple believeth every word:
but the prudent man looketh well to his going. (KJV)

Or put another way.

A simple man believes every word he hears;
a clever man understands the need for proof. (New English Bible 1970)

As well as

1st John 4:1:
Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (KJV)

It is also easy to understand why so many would want nothing to do with Christianity when they see people claiming to be Christian, lying, cheating, stealing, just to list a few things. Yet the same 'christians' are quick to tell everyone what a 'fine Christian they are' and how every time the church doors open they are among the first to be in the doors or how much they give, so on and so forth. However by having never met true Christians the person does not understand that . . .

2 Corinthians 11:13-15 LEB
(13) . . . such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.
(14) And no wonder, for Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light.
(15) Therefore it is not a great thing if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, . . .

I can understand the apprehension so many people have regarding Christianity or even that they want nothing to do with it. And I can understand that there are as many different reasons for people to turn their back on God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit as there are people rejecting God.

However all that being as it is, I would simply ask that people who have decided to reject God because of what they have seen and see 'religious groups and people' doing to . . .

Never confuse the practices of the people with the church,
Never confuse the practices of the church with religion,
And Never Ever confuse the practices of religion with what God truly is.

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