Accept the Mark,
Accept The Leader,

September 14, 2013
By Timothy Roach

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(A story that might be told in the not to distant future about how The New World Government and The Leader made the world a safe and peaceful place to live.)

The early beginnings of our glorious World Government started, long before any of us were born, with the wisdom and foresight of our ancestors. However the momentum really started to be seen about seven years ago, when the New Order started making rules that even sovereign nations were required to follow. A short time later the New Order abolished national borders to create a more productive, more open and safer world for everyone - for the greater social good. As part of the requirements to become a citizen of the New World Government, each new citizen was required to receive the New Secure Government Identification Mark stamped on their right hand or forehead. It was said that the reason for those two locations was so that the automatic scanners could easily read the New Secure Government ID Stamp.

At first rewards such as electronic gadgets, gift certificates, even tax advantages, were given to individuals and groups that would get the new ID mark. The ID was said to be so secure that no one with The New Government ID Mark would ever need to worry about credit theft or unauthorized financial transactions ever again. It was also considered to be a status symbol as an indication of one's loyalty to The New World Government and The Leader.

In time it became more and more difficult for those that disagreed with The New World Government's laws and policies, non-conformist without the Government ID Mark, to do anything. Without the ID one could not be paid by their employers, cash or deposit the few checks that were still used, get medical treatment, buy food or clothes. Even if one had access to the increasingly rare physical currency no legally operating business could accept a payment if one did not have the World ID stamp. Public utility services would not accept a payment if the person did not have the Government Identification Mark. Thus power, natural gas, water, etc. to the homes of people that did not have the Government ID were disconnected because of over due payments. Not to mention the many people that lost their homes and cars because the lending companies could not accept loan payments without the Government approved Identification of the owner. Even if one owned property, clear of any loans, because one could not pay the government property tax without The Secure Government Identification Mark the property was seized by the government for collection of unpaid taxes.

By this time the vast majority of the world's population had "voluntarily" taken the mark as well as taken the oaths of loyalty to The World Government and The Leader in order to become citizens of the new government.

However, there were still several small groups scattered throughout the world that had refused to accept The Government ID Mark, the rules of The New World Government, or The Leader. These groups lived in remote regions producing what they needed on their own. However, some groups, from time to time, did risk going into towns to barter for supplies they could not make themselves. The penalty for a citizen not immediately reporting and assisting in the capture of a rebel non-citizen included very heavy fines as well as several years of incarceration. Not to mention potentially being executed for providing assistance or having transactions with a treasonous non-citizen.

In one very remote area there was a group of non-citizens that the government considered hostile and dangerous to public safety as well as to the "well being of social order". A dangerous group that came to town in order to trade fresh eggs, various types off meat and fish, milk and fresh wool for replacement equipment parts and medical supplies they could not manufacture themselves. Even though it was very risky, some of the local town citizens often ignored the government laws regarding dealing with non-citizens since there were constantly shortages of government rations especially food and warm clothing.

To make matters worse for "the social well being" a few citizens were starting to believe that their children might have a better life with some of the non-citizen factions. Some parents were rumored to have given up their babies, before the government marked the children. Allowing their children to be raised by non-citizen groups. This was a very serious offence. A treasonous act that meant a slow painful death to anyone found to be involved with such a deplorable behavior.

To put an end to these dangerously disloyal groups and actions, government agents world-wide spent nearly 3 and a half years slowly infiltrating communities that showed ANY sympathy towards non-citizens. During those years the world had been a fairly peaceful place for citizens and non-citizens. It seemed that The Leader was trying to reach a compromise with the non-citizens and citizen sympathizers since only the most blatantly careless or obvious violators were being arrested or detained.

At the end of the one thousand two hundred and sixty day peaceful stance, simultaneously around the planet Government forces moved in to arrest entire communities of non-citizens and citizen sympathizers. Never before in the history of mankind had such a synchronized global operation been mounted to capture all individuals that might be a threat to "peace" or "the social good". With extreme precision the entire global operation was over in less than twelve hours. The entire operation was so swift that many people did not even know anything had happened until later, when The Leader made announcements about how The World Government had saved the world from any future threats by the immoral, dangerous and hostile non-citizens.

Over the next few weeks there were celebrations and highly publicized events honoring those that had put so much time and effort into finding and capturing those that would dare threaten the greater social good.

Citizens that had helped the government agents were publicly rewarded. Some citizens were sent to re-education facilities. However, The citizens that were uncooperative to the government or showed sympathy to non-citizens were publicly executed in the streets. Their bodies left where they lay to rot, allowing the vultures and other scavengers to eat the remains. A simple reminder that those Citizens who would try to harm others, harm the world government, or hinder "The Greater Social Good" will get what they deserve.

However to show his glorious mercy The Leader mandated that non-citizens would not be immediately executed, but rather taken to holding centers. The non-citizens that practiced any non-approved religion would be given a chance to repent from their misguided ways, such as following "a non-existent invisible god". As well as given the opportunity to accept The Leader as the almighty ruler, receive the government identification mark and become free citizens of The World Government.

Some non-citizens immediately agreed to all conditions while others needed more convincing that taking the ID would be in their best interest.

Non-citizens in the holding centers were separated from each other and counseled about the errors of their ways. All were told that the only thing they had to do in order to be allowed to leave the holding center and regain their freedom was to simply agree to The Leader's terms and receive the government identification mark.

Individuals that still refused were taken to a window where they could see other members of their family and friends gagged and blindfolded being taken to the courtyard where executions were routinely performed.

The person was then told that each day they refused to accept the leaders generous offer one of the people in the courtyard would be executed. However if the person would simply agree to The Leaders terms and accept the Government Identification Mark the person and the people in the courtyard would be allowed to leave the holding center. Then the counselors made it very clear to the non-citizen that the choice to allow their family and friends in the courtyard to live or die is now totally the non-citizen's responsibility. Refuse the terms and the Government Id and you will be the cause of your family and friends being executed one by one. Accept the terms and the Government ID mark as a new citizen you as well as your family and friends will be allowed to leave the holding center.

If the non-citizen still refused to accept the leaders generous offer in order to save the lives of their friends and family, one member of the group was selected and executed in front of the non-citizen. Then the process was repeated each day until either the non-citizen accepts the terms of The Leader or all the non-citizen's family and friends are executed. Leaving the Non-citizen with the choice to be executed for the murder of their family and friends or asking forgiveness of The Leader, rejecting any religious faith still followed, swearing total loyalty to The Leader, and accepting the Government ID mark. But regardless of what the person decides - The "voluntary" choice is the responsibility of the individual.

If on the other hand the non-citizen decided to give in early and accept The Leader's gracious offer. The person was blind folded, gagged and taken to the courtyard each day until they were executed or until every member their family and friends had accepted the terms of The Leader and "freely" received the Government ID Mark.

When all members of the group (friends and family members) accepted the terms of the leader, all surviving new citizens were allowed to leave the holding center. Totally free to go live in a society where every aspect of everyone's life is dictated by The Leader and The leader's Enforcers. Everything from what they can talk about, what they can eat, where they can live, where and when they work, who they can associate with and when, what they can wear, what items they can own, even what they are allowed to read, listen to or watch. The citizens are now free to live in a free society where every action made and every word said is monitored by the Government.

However one must always remember that even though the leaders instructions might seem harsh or even unfair, all this is being done for everyone's safety and the greater social good. Protecting the world so that each of us can live in a safe and peaceful society. A free and peaceful society where rebels, malcontents and any other misguided people that might try to harm our way of life no longer exist.

And a safe, secure, peaceful world is where you want to live, right?

As so many are already saying in one form or another, Don't resist, don't make waves, accept everything the government tells us without question, Accept the Mark, Accept The Leader and Conform; it is in everyone's best interest.


And now a serious question for every Christian, to seriously think about . . . Do you really think you have the strength and the faith it is going to take to resist The Devil and his followers?

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