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Coordinated Universal Time
(Until my server is up again this time is usually +/- several minutes of CTU.)
Automatic Computer
Time Synchronization
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can be found on
USNO & NIST Web Sites

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Current Moon Phase

Click on this map to get more exact county times for a region.
A new window will open displaying
a detailed time map of the selected region from:
USA Time Map Alaska USA Time Map Canada Time Map Greeland / Iceland Time Map Europe Time Map Russia Time Map Africa Time Map Middle East Time Map East Asia Time Map Australia Time Map Caribbean and Central America Time Map South America Time Map Antarctica Time Map Oceania Time Map Oceania Time Map
On the map below:
The color of the times correspond to the dates on the top line of the map.
All times below are calculated based on the time of your computer clock.
If you need the exact time of a country or city some good sites are:, &

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