OLD NOTE ... 100dpi view
OLD NOTE ... 100dpi view

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I found the following note in a very old safe, between the metal plates of the safe and the lower drawers. The safe is old enough and the location I found it would have been fairly air tight, thus I am assuming that the note is really from the 1800's.

My guess is that the note originated in North East Tennessee possibly Jonesboro area (???). However, there is the possibility of it being from anywhere, as I am not sure of the safes history.

The note measures approximately
four and one quarter (4.25) inches by seven and three quarters (7.75) inches

Front View 100dpi

f100dpi.jpg - 31.9 K

Back View 100dpi

b100dpi.jpg - 26.4 K

If you happen to know anything about this note ... I would love to learn more.

Also if you know better ways of preserving it ... I would be very interested in hearing from you. Currently I have it placed between two pieces of glass and sealed around the edge of the glass (the seal is removable if needed).

For a larger view of the note (400 dpi) click here.
WARNING the 400dpi view is VERY LARGE and takes a while to load.

It may not be worth anything ... but I think it is really exciting to have something that was written so long ago.

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