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Every decent parent in the world would do anything to help their child to have a better chance at life. Sometimes, in desperation, after trying many of the standard treatments for dyslexia (and other problems as well), with little or no success, people will 'embrace' companies and individuals that are selling some of the most 'unusual' products and 'cures'.

The people that sell these disgusting products and services 'lay and wait' for people to become so frustrated and desperate that anything with even a glimmer of hope starts sounding reasonable. Then with inaccurate information that is 'woven' with just enough truth to sound legitimate. These groups 'spring the trap' with the promise of a 'cure'.

A cure that if one was not tired, frustrated and desperate would most likely laugh in the salespersons face. However, because the parent so desperately wants to find a cure, questionable techniques suddenly start sounding legitimate.

Because these 'salespeople' are masters at deception they lead the parent. 'Helping' the parents to see the results that are expected, not what is really happening. Unfortunately, many people do not see the 'shell-game' until far to much money has been wasted & sometimes irreversible damage has been done to the child by these 'low-life-scum-bags'.

PLEASE, when experimenting with ANY cure that ANYONE suggests, get someone else's (a known trusted neutral persons) opinion BEFORE you give anyone ANY money. Especially if the plan seems to good to be true.

There are several groups on the net, and else where, that have started recommending various herb, extracts, etc. cures for 'most anything at is troubling you'. Some of these if taken even mildly incorrectly can cause serious damage to the person using the product. Others have had very little testing, thus, no one really knows what side effects the items may have. Yet others are little more than very expensive sugar tablets.

I honestly believe that one day there will be a cure for dyslexia, or at least a way to prevent it. However, until that day happens, PLEASE, be very cautious. Not only of your money, but also your health. Learn side effects, safe dosages, etc, of any drug, herb, extract, or vitamin that you consider taking that is outside a normal daily diet, BEFORE you take it.

Simply and bluntly put, it may be to late afterwards.

Don't believe me?

The following was copied from the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration's Web Pages.

Author's Note: This section is referring to adult iron supplement products and small children under age 6. However, depending on body weight and amount of iron ingested any child could be at risk. It should also be noted that the FDA has, at the time of this writing, started reviewing & mandating regulations aimed at reducing the risk of children being accidentally poisoned by iron supplements.

. . .

Children who are poisoned with iron face both immediate and long term problems. Within minutes or hours of swallowing iron tablets, they may suffer nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal bleeding, which can progress to shock, coma and death. Even if the child appears to recover from these initial problems, severe gastrointestinal bleeding, lethargy, liver damage, heart failure, and coma can occur from 12 hours to two DAYS later. If the victims survive, they can develop other problems, such as gastrointestinal obstruction and more extensive liver damage, three to six weeks after the poisoning.

Even if there are no immediate symptoms, parents should contact a doctor or local poison control center immediately if their child has accidentally swallowed a product that contains iron. Sometimes, serious symptoms do not develop right away, and delayed treatment may not be effective. The telephone number for the closest poison control center is listed with other emergency numbers in the front of phone books.

. . .

The whole point being, be careful, even though you may desperately be trying to find an answer, always know the pro's and con's to anything you try. (Ideally from multiple independent sources, not just the person doing the selling). It does not matter if damage is done through maliciousness, ignorance, or carelessness, fact is once the damage is done, sometimes it is not reversible.

NEVER, be afraid to learn more about what you put into your body or your child's body, even if it is proscribed by a doctor/medical professional (Doctors/medical professionals are only human, just like the rest of us).

Remember, you only get one body, it is your Right & Duty to take care of it ... at all levels.

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