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Something that is a fun and easy way to help a person over come some of the problems with dyslexia are single player turn based word games.

Single player games usually are more enjoyable since there is no one around to make comments or poke fun about the person's spelling ability. Nor is there any competition against someone else.

Turn based games also tend to be more fun since it gives the person time to think about moves. Where as timed games tend to be frustrating since we tend to run out of time before the first round is over.

I would think it goes without saying but always start on the easiest level as not to get frustrated with the game.

Below is a short list of game sites, which are safe and have free access to most of the games.

As time goes on, I will put more sites on the list.

We are going to be building a new list since most of these games are no longer available. Suggestions are welcome.

Yahoo Word Games
BookWorm - turn based word game.
Flip Word - turn based word / phrase game.
What Word - rearrange letters to created words displayed. timed levels
Text Twist - timed game make as many as words you can from a words from a set of 6 letters.
Word Majo - timed solitaire version of scrabble.
Typer Shark - somewhat quick typing game. It is fun but can be frustrating when one is not copying letters in right order.

MSN gaming Zone

MSN Word Games

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