It is a sad world when we have to do the following:
However, when a person spills coffee on herself, while driving, then wins a law suit, alleging that the company that sold her the coffee was responsible for her accident and subsequent injury, one should expect to see disclaimers everywhere.

Thus, please read the following carefully.

The author, Tim Roach, is NOT a medical professional.

Even though he has had 40+ years of dealing with dyslexia, it is important to realize that many of the comments and ideas are strictly his own and do NOT necessarily agree with the standards of current medical science. Therefore, one should consult a medical doctor BEFORE applying ANY of the information found within.

Please select one:

I do not understand

I (the reader) understand that I ALONE am responsible for my own actions. I will not hold the author, or anyone else, responsible for any type of damages that may result from reading these pages.

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