Reading With Colors.

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There are several people that suggest that reading through colored transparencies or using colored glasses seem to help them to read easier.

When I say that using the color sheets did not do a thing for me other than make the pictures in books a little more interesting, keep in mind that there are many different types/levels of dyslexia.

Since color transparencies of various colors are not expensive at most office supply stores, it can not hurt to try using them, if you are curious.

I have heard of people using many different colors, however, the most common seem to be various shades of the primary colors (yellows, reds, and blues).

I would suggest, picking up these three colors, try using each of them alone for a day or two. Then try mixing them. For example, use the blue and yellow together, then red and yellow, red and blue, and so on.

If one color, or combination, seems to help you, try fine tuning that color. For example, if yellow seems to help you, try various shades of yellow ... orange, peach, etc.

There are a few people that say using color is helpful to them. However, from years of personnal observation, the usefulness seems to be only a sort term benefit (assuming there was a benefit at all, and not simply a placebo effect). For I know of no one that continues to wear the color glasses or using the colored sheets for more than a few months.

I have heard of some 'individuals' charging a small fortune for 'special' sheets or glasses for dyslexics. Since adding a color does not work for everyone, my personal opinion, would be to try the less expensive office supply color transparencies first.

Then if the transparencies work, many stores have 'sun' glasses of various shades, yellows, reds, blues, greens, oranges, etc. for far less that what the 'special' glasses will cost.

Be careful when looking for solutions or things that might help with dyslexia, or anything else in your life. For as the old story goes, not everyone that reaches out with a helpful hand is really trying to help.

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